i'm val.

I lost 45 lbs.
I gained a little back. Now I'm getting serious.

Zumba instructor. novice runner. Fitness & health enthusiast.

Turkey and vinegar + lettuce tomato onion and a big mug of light chicken noodle soup. Mmm.
This cucumber dill feta Greek yogurt dip makes my carrots just that much tastier. I don’t load it on as it’s got 5g of fat per serving, but I’d recommend it!
Post-run lunch of champions.. Toasted English muffin + 2 eggs scrambled with fresh scallions, garlic, and 1/4c part-skim mozzarella cheese + lotsa watermelon and agua!

Lunch 07.26
Stuffed pepper, grapes, h2o.
Lunchtime = going fruit & veggie crazy.
Lunching: turkey on whole wheat flax & fiber sandwich thin, baby carrots & Greek yogurt onion veggie dip. Lotsa water. + 50 Shades Darker.

Yummy on ALL accounts.
Cinnamon weight control oatmeal + banana + black coffee + water = good morning!!
Good morning! Happy hump day. 

b [above] - 2 eggs scrambled with parsley, cheese & salsa; light english muffin.
s - orange
l - 4 oz chicken breast with 3/4 cup steamed green beans; 1 cup honeydew; light yogurt.
d - salad with ground turkey, pinto beans, salsa.

exercise: instructing a zumba class @ 5:45.

Dinner! Rice & turkey stuffed peppers (for me) & health-conscious stuffed shells (for B). He’s not a huge veggie fan. A little at a time.. ;)
Breakfast 3/22.
2 eggs. 1 slice cheese. 2 bunches fresh chopped scallions. light english muffin.
+ water with lemon.