i'm val.

I lost 45 lbs.
I gained a little back. Now I'm getting serious.

Zumba instructor. novice runner. Fitness & health enthusiast.

Flashback Friday -
okay, so it wasn’t super long ago, but this is me leading at my very first “Zumba party”, an event we hosted at my ymca. 90+ attendees!

soo much fun. :D
happy Friday!
You guys & gals haven’t seen (or heard!) much of anything from me lately. =\ Lo siento!

But today I’m having an I-feel-skinny day. So here I am. :)
Found this shirt while going through my fall/winter clothes last night. I got it as a gift in 2005; it hasn’t fit me since winter 2005-2006. It’s a size “small” from Abercrombie & Fitch. I kept it, since it was expensive, despite it being “the one shirt that would never fit again.” … :D

I meant to post this the other day! I’ve been so busy lately that tumblr has been at the bottom of my to-do list. I thought you guys might be interested to see a few of the things that I ordered from Zumba.com. I love Zumba gear!

What did I order?

an awesome teal & orange Zumba Instructor zip-up jacket — there’s the zumba logo man on the front and it says “Instructor” on the back. favorite purchase! looove this jacket.

a red “Party Hearty” racerback - love it! and 30% of the purchase price was donated to the American Heart Association. get it? party hearty? adorable.

one blue spaghetti strap tank that says “Zumba” on the back - suuuper comfy

a lime green bubble top racerback that says “Zumba” 3 times on the front and “Instructor” on the back - so colorful and cute!

aaand another lime green racerback with the Zumba man logo on the back and the saying “feel the music” printed on the front

lastly, two sets of 8 bracelets each.. the wider bracelets are grey, black and green and the thinner set are all brightly colored - good for mixing and matching :)

best part: everything fits! the jacket I got in a small (NSV alert!) and the tanks all run really, really small in sizes — they’re notorious for it! — so I got a large in all of them and every one fits. SCORE!

Zumba Instructor Training was amazing. We trained with Tanya Beardsley - if you know Zumba, you know Tanya. Check her out; she’s all over youtube and in Zumba videos, etc., etc. She is amazing. 10 years of Zumba dancing does great things for the body.

Before I start, let me just say that I’m really proud of myself that I went through with training and am now a certified fitness instructor. I never imagined that I’d be saying that. I never would have had the confidence to even go out and do something like that if it were not for my journey to loving myself and my body and incorporating health and fitness into my lifestyle. I am a completely different person than I was 1.5 years ago, and I love the person I’m becoming. A fitness instructor? I would have slapped you. And look at me now. :)

So, I packed my lunch (see above) and snapped a quick photo of myself before running out the door (again- see above!) at 7AM on Saturday to get to training, which was about an hour away at a 24 Hour Fitness gym. We got there, signed up, and from the moment we got there until 6:30PM when we left, it was Zumba, Zumba, Zumba. We had a master class in the morning, then did drills, learned about the 4 basic rhythms and how to perform the steps to them, learned about the music, the theory and history of Zumba, how to create your first class, etc. 

Getting to spend time around someone so talented really inspired me; if I could eventually someday make a room light on fire like Tanya can, that would be.. well.. nothing short of amazing. That last photo is a crappy phone picture of Tanya and myself after the entire day of jumping around and sweating (I did even have to change my clothing because the sweat was making me too chilly every time I stopped dancing.) To sum up the day’s experience, it made me way more excited about Zumba and I believe in it even more than I did when I got there. :)

Sunday morning I woke up in so much pain. Like, I can never get myself to feel that sore no matter how much I work out and beat myself up in the gym! My back is still sore, even though it’s Wednesday. But, my soreness did not keep me from going to an 11:30AM class on Sunday and teaching two songs (YAY! I was sooo nervous, but did really well and now teaching doesn’t make me nervous anymore.. I love it!) — and THEN after Sunday’s class we all went to a local park and participated in a Zumba flash mob/demonstration at a Septemberfest event that was taking place.

So. Much. Zumba.

I did manage to rest on Monday, which is admittedly very hard for me to do. Tuesday (last night) I went to a Zumba class, handed in my paperwork to start subbing in and teaching entire classes at my YMCA. Tonight I’m meeting with the instructor that coordinates the schedule to discuss being added as an instructor! Sooo exciting!! And, my mom is even coming to tonight’s class, as I’ll be teaching a few songs tonight as well. :)

This got super long. All-in-all, Zumba training was super tough, but super amazing. I’m basically on the fast track to teaching at my YMCA and absolutely love it so much! Get ready for another post later today about my purchase of Zumba apparel that arrived yesterday. :D

Me & B all ready for the AHA Heart Walk 2011! We just had to take a silly photo so I could stick it here. 
I was the captain of my department at work to raise money and all that good stuff for this year’s Heart Walk. It was at a local park, and we had a really good turn out. It was also nice that it fell on 9/11 - we had 2 moments of silence before the walk. Overall, the weather was not ideal, but we didn’t have any rain. It just turned out to be really, really humid so I had the whole I’m-really-cold-but-also-kinda-sweaty thing going on.
I also ran into a family friend who I haven’t seen in years, so that was fun. :)
We only did a mile, so it was obviously not my workout for the day. I wasn’t expecting to be finished in time for Zumba, but I am, so I’ll head to Zumba today while B lifts at the gym! Happy Sunday :)

Also.. WIW will be a WIThursday. I wanna have this week’s weigh-in fall on September 1st. Why, you ask?

I’m planning on weighing myself on September 1 and September 30. And that’s it. We’ll call it No Scale September. I’ve focused too too much on the scale and it’s time to focus less on the number and much more on how I feel. I’m actually excited about this! :D
The curling wand works really well! I’m all curled up and ready to go :)
GPOYT - feeling like a cutie today. :)

Also reflecting on what a truly weird week this has been. A little recap? This week, I:
- had the face plate to my (awesome) car stereo stolen. no mas música.
- survived my first earthquake (wth?)
- backed out of my first house purchase 6 days before closing (deep breath)
- am currently hunkering down for a hurricane

Positive tidbits:
- worked out every day starting Sunday & 2x on Tuesday. Today I shall rest!
- today is a rest day b/c we are going to see 2 more homes. Fingers crossed!
- looking forward to movie date night w/ B tomorrow night. 4 1/2 years dating and I still get excited about date nights.
Lotsa pictures of me lately! I never, ever, ever thought I’d be wearing leggings with a top like this. And feel confident in it.